What are VIPPS accredited online pharmacies?

VIPPS accredited online pharmaciesWhen a mail order pharmacy has a VIPPS seal on it then it means that they are VIPPS accrediated online pharmacies. VIPPS is nothing but Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice site seal which makes the website to be legal enough to dispense medications through internet. National Association Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) is responsible for providing this seal to the genuine site.

How to get a VIPPS seal?

If you are an online retailer of medications and in need to get VIPPS seal then you have to do the following procedure.

  • You have to submit the application and the required fees.
  • Make sure to attach the required documents.
  • NABP would check whether the site has followed all the criteria and standards or not.
  • The license status of the pharmacy is also verified.
  • On-site survey is carried out by the NABP.

If these are satisfied by the authorities then they would provide VIPPS seal to the site.

What to expect from VIPPS accredited online pharmacies?

You can expect authentic medications from these legitimate online pharmacies. It would be genuine in every aspect and the price of the pills would also be very affordable. These legitimate online pharmacies would have a secured network to do money transactions. Due to this, all your information would be kept safe and secure.

The medications would be delivered to the desired place as expected. The tracking facility would also be provided to ease the process. Customer friendly team will be associated with these online drugstores to assist the need of people.

A qualified online pharmacist would be present to check the prescriptions that the customer wants to fill from these sites. You would also be given with an opportunity to speak with them to clarify your doubts. You can also be able to get prescription online from this online doctor and using this prescription, you can able to purchase your meds in a hassle free manner.

What should you know about VIPPS seal?

An VIPPS accredited online pharmacy will the seal on it. You have to know whether the VIPPS seal present in the site is valid or not. Just click the seal and check whether it is taking you to NABP site or not. If it takes you to that site then it means that it is genuine.

You have to ensure that they do annual review of registration. This is important to be noted only then you can assure that they are keeping up to the standards even after a year. A simple way to check whether the site is legitimate or not, is to look for .pharmacy in the domain name.

Only an approved site would be able to use this .pharmacy along with their web address. This would be the key element to understand about the online pharmacy.

During the purchase always be cautious, check for the VIPPS seal, check whether the seal is genuine and then go about doing a purchase from the site.