Is it safe to use Tramadol (Ultram) during pregnancy?

Tramadol is an excellent medication used for the treatment of various kinds of pains on the any scale of severity, from moderate to severely moderate including post- surgical pain. The drug acts on central nervous system and suppresses pain perception.

The side effects of Tramadol have been a major concern especially in cases such as that of liver disease, kidney disease, stomach disorders, history of drug abuse, mental illness, metabolic disorders, head injury, asthma or pregnancy. During such instances, tramadol is either recommended with caution or is completely avoided to eliminate the risk of possible dangerous outcomes. If prescribed by doctor, then women can take tramadol without any fear but they should make sure that they take the pill with the correct dosage which is being recommended by the doctor while purchasing Tramadol drug. Clicking will help pregnancy women to get access to quality pills at affordable price.

Legal status of Tramadol (Ultram)

Tramadol/Ultram is undoubtedly an FDA-approved drug, but for pregnancy cases, it has been classified under Category C drugs which include those drugs that have been tested on animals and showed risks to developing the fetus.

But this information in no way suggests that Tramadol will be dangerous for human fetus too since no significant scientific studies have yet been done specifically on humans to determine risks associated with the drug if given to the pregnant lady.

Need for tramadol during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a state of the body when it is often struggling with hormonal irregularities leading to a variety of pain symptoms ranging from trivial (that does not require analgesics) or severe (that requires pain management through medication and other ways).

Possible conditions that may illicit need for pain reliever such as headaches and migraine due to changes in caliber of blood vessels as a result of altered hormone concentrations, release of pregnancy hormone for strengthening ligaments so as to prepare pelvis for delivery which leads to pelvic pain, pain and edema in backache and lower limbs resulting from induced pressure on spines, nerves, muscles as well as ligaments associated with expanding uterus and maternal weight gain.

Apart from these, general stress, sleep deprivation, dehydration and several other factors contribute to increased events of a headache, bloating triggering lower abdominal pain, pressure on nerve and leg cramps causes numbness and long terrible pain in limbs respectively. So, all these indications require the need for effective medication and what can be more potent than Tramadol?

Effects of Tramadol on pregnancy

Pain killers have been known to block the supply of blood to the fetus by interacting with Umbilical cord of the uterus and since blood is the only medium for delivering nutrients to the growing fetus, the growth and development of the fetus may be compromised.

Moreover, habit forming nature of Tramadol also adds on to the complications since withdrawal symptoms following addiction may elevate existing painful condition of the pregnant lady. Also, risks of physiological conditions of fetus like respiratory depression (moderate) and collapse have also been studied associated with Tramadol administration.

Other side effects during pregnancy include drowsiness, diarrhoea, mood swings, shivering, joint pains, irritability, dry mouth, loss of appetite, weakness and so on.

Is it safe to use Tramadol (Ultram) during pregnancy?

Physicians usually say no to this to avoid pregnancy complications, but the benefits of the drug outweigh the risks. But,make sure that you Order Ultram only after consultation with the healthcare provider regarding dose and duration of Tramadol administration for its possible interactions with other pregnancy medications, dietary intake and analysis of all the possible outcomes of the drug. If the doctor prescribes you to take Tramadol (Ultram), then you are recommended to order tramadol pain relief pills today from the most reliable online pharmacy, tramadol and treat your pain effectively.