Taking a pregnancy test at home with pregnancy kits

The news of pregnancy is indubitably joyful for anyone. But when you are not prepared to get ready for motherhood and are uncertain of the unprotected sex you had recently, then it is time you take yourself a pregnancy test. Those who are eager and unwilling to wait any further to know the results of early pregnancy, can immediately go for pregnancy confirmation methods through the various test kits available in the market.

Doctors usually recommend people to wait until the first day of their missed periods in order to receive accurate pregnancy results. There are various possible ways to detect pregnancy status. Few have their test done at their home while others opt for clinical tests such as urine or blood tests to examine if they are pregnant.

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The pregnancy is initiated with the fusion of egg and sperms thereby forming a baby. The fetus releases a hormone known as human chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). hCG is a glycoprotein that is produced by the growing placenta shortly after fertilization. Pregnancy testing kits usually consist of the hCG with which pregnancy is being determined by placing in contact with the urine samples. These kits are considered to be very effective in detecting most of the pregnancy cases. These home pregnancy tests are very convenient and private. However a visit to a doctor can confirm your doubts in case you require further clarifications.

Taking a look at how the home pregnancy test works

Constant worries about the doubtfulness of your pregnancy can make you feel uneasy which might provoke you to confirm it at the earliest. Unprotected sex, missed period and nausea feelings can make you panic and drive you to find out the results of your conception. At times, your impatience to know the answer could either be because you are too curious or excited to know the result, or if you are worried that you might have got conceived at the wrong time.

When the fertilized eggs are being instilled in the womb, the placenta cells produce the hCG. Post fertilization of about 6 to 14 days, hCG is found in female urine. This process gets doubles every two to three days for the initial few weeks of your pregnancy. When you are in the week 8 to 11, you’ll find hCG at its peak levels. This hormone generally drops down during 12 - 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Ideal time to take the ‘kit-test’

Urine test is usually positive when taken on the first day of the missed period but when the hCG hormones have not reached to a certain level to be determined by the pregnancy test kits, then the test results maybe negative. Under such circumstances, women could wait for few days and retake the test for finite results.

Preserving the pregnancy kits

Pregnancy test kits are always recommended to be kept in a cool dry place, away from sunlight, and at room temperature (generally 18 to 30 °C). The kits should be packed in a sealed pouch until opened for usage. Re-usage of the pregnancy test kit is precarious. In any case the kit is not recommended to be used beyond its expiry date. Though these equipments are manufactured with good standards, it is generally essential for women to know this information so that they are aware of the storage process.

Carrying out a home pregnancy test effectively

Having a home pregnancy test is quiet easy. It just takes five to ten minutes of your time. It is recommended that you carefully follow the guidelines printed on the information leaflet provided with the pregnancy kit. Rushing out of eagerness can sometimes land you in trouble. There are chances that these test kits at some occasions have the possibility of misleading you. You need to collect your urine sample in a container and then pour a few drop of urine over the kit using a dropper. In about 2 to 3 minutes, you get to know your result right from home. Check your result based on the description provided over the kit to confirm your test. The home test shows best results when the urine sample is taken in the morning, since this urine is considered to be highly concentrated enabling you to see the results accurately.