What does the MHRA and GPhC Logos in an online pharmacy denote?

MHRA and GPhC LogosThe MHRA and GPhc logos in the website denote that an online pharmacy is legitimate and it is registered. All the pharmacies even those who have internet pharmacies in the United Kingdom have to register themselves under MHRA. This is similar to VIPPS accredited online pharmacies in USA.

MHRA is nothing but Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory agency and GPhc is called as General Pharmaceutical council.

Why are MHRA and GPhc logos essential in a website?

It is very difficult to judge an online pharmacy whether it is legitimate or not. The reason is that, they do not work physically. These logos are a tool to identify whether the site can be trusted or not. Not all online pharmacies would be able to get this logo and only if the sites are following certain rules and regulations they might get it.

The MHRA would have stringent rules for the online pharmacies. Only those who practice the business truly will be able to pass the tests that they conduct.

How to verify whether the logo mentioned in the site is genuine or not?

A person has to click the logo and this would take to the agency’s site. Once you open General pharmaceutical council website, you can enter the registration number of the pharmacy, or trading name. People who have no clue about the online pharmacies can just go about mentioning the town in which you live.

For example, if you are going to enter Glasgow in town section they you would get all the details about both online as well as offline pharmacies in the mentioned place. You can just go about selecting the site of your need.

When you click on the logo, it would show the list of all registered online pharmacies. This would provide you with many choices. You can go about choosing the online portal that suits your requirements.

What does it mean if there is no logo in the website?

When the site does not contain any logo then it means it is not approved by the agency. From July 2015, it is a must for all the online pharmacies to register under MHRA. So, if you find any sites that do not have this logo, then you just do not procure any medications from them. Buying pills from these kinds of counterfeit sites would only put you in trouble.

Remember that, only the websites that are located in the United Kingdom would be eligible to get this logo. If the site is outside the country then you cannot expect these logos. In addition to that, all the webpages in the UK online site should contain the MHRA and GPhc logos especially if it is a selling page.